Achievements of Islamic Revolution and a Brighter Horizon for Future

  December 15, 2021   Read time 3 min
Achievements of Islamic Revolution and a Brighter Horizon for Future
Imam Khomeini believed that the reform of the society would take years because of the scope of the corruption in the Shah bureaucratic system. However, he heralded the coming of a brighter future.

And having compared the post- revolution judges with their predecessors before the revolution, and investigated the status of the deputies of the majlis [parliament] of the Islamic Republic and members of the cabinet as well as governors and other post-revolutionary officials and compared it with that of their predecessors, without having studied the performance of the government and of the Construction Jihad in under-privileged villages, which did not even have piped water and basic health care services, and compared it with the situation during the past regime in light of the burden of the war imposed on Iran and its natural consequences, such as the multi-million war refugees and bereaved families and war-injured people and the million-strong refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq in the face of economic sanctions against Iran and regular plots against Iran by the United States and its agents in and outside of Iran, to say nothing of the shortage of Islamic propagandists, religious judges, and the confusion created since the culmination of the Islamic Revolution by the enemies of Islam and deviated people and even by feeble-minded friends of the Islamic Revolution, or of tens of other things.

I ask of you all to have mercy upon this estranged Islam which, in the wake of hundreds of years of the tyranny of power-wielders and as a result of the ignorance of the masses is now only revived unsteadily like a tottering child beleaguered by enemies in and outside of our country, and ask of you also to judge for yourselves whether you would not do better by supporting the oppressed and the tyrannized people rather than condemning the Islamic Revolution, and think of the assassinated people, rather than supporting the hypocritically self-righteous, the tyrants, the capitalists, and the cruel hoarders.

I have never said before, nor do I propose to claim now, that the great Islam is observed and implemented in its full implications in our Republic, or that there are none who act against the instructions of Islam either out of ignorance, or for personal hatred or lack of selfdiscipline; but I say that the legislative branch as well as the judiciary and the executive branches of the government have been trying hard to Islamicize this country, that a multi-million nation here support the government, and that if this minority of naggers and obstructionists, too, lend a helping hand, the aspirations of the Revolution will be attained more easily and more speedily; and that if, God forbid, they do not come to their senses they will not be able to stand against this roaring deluge of the people.

Since the millions of masses are wakeful and conscious of the situation and at the scene, the humanitarian and Islamic aspects of the Revolution will eventually materialize. I say with confidence now that the Iranian nation and the multi-million masses in this country today are better than the people of Hijaz at the time of God's Messenger (S.A.W.), and the people of Kufa and Iraq during the era of Imam Ali (A.S.) and Imam Hussein (A.S.).

At the time of our Prophet (S.A.W.) the people of Hijaz would not obey his order to go to the battlefronts and would bring excuses to evade the task so much so that in the Chapter Repentance (The Holy Qur'an: 9) the Almighty has reproached them, and assured them of retribution, and they imputed to him so many lies so far so that as has been related he cursed them on the pulpit; and also the people of Iraq and Kufah wronged Imam Ali (A.S.) as much as they could and they disobeyed him, and the complaints of His Holiness of those people of his time is recorded in religious and history books.

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