Shimbar Plain, Khuzestan, South Iran

  October 26, 2021   Read time 2 min
Shimbar Plain, Khuzestan, South Iran
Shimbar Plain is one of the tourism attractions of Khuzestan containing jungle, waterfall, fountain and mountain. The tourism region of Shimbar is located in the middle of the mountains through which flows a river and therefore, it is extremely appealing for nature trekkers and mountain climbers.

It is one of Andika environs located in about 100 kilometers to Masjed Soleyman. You need one hour and a half driving to Shalal village and from there it is just 15 minutes to Shimbar.

If you are in Ahvaz your travel will last three or four hours. This place is close to the road of Masjed Soelyman to Shahr-e Kurd and the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. The beauty of this plain may be implied by its name: Shimbar or Shirin Bahar that means a sweat spring.

The area is more that 50000hectare that is placed on nomad migration route who leave Khuzestan for Kuhrang in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, in the beginning of the warm season. So, no wonder to see the residents of this region are all from the Bakhtiari tribe. You can buy local dairy products, honey, Tiri bread, traditional dress, Kilim and Gabbeh from them.

You can also see different natural landscapes on each side of Shimbar plain, swim in the river, pass through the dense trees and enjoy the cool air of the waterfall. Located in the protected area of Shimbar, Shalla valley is placed in eight kilometers to the waterfall. Vegetation is varied here; from mulberry, raspberry, oak, grapes and pistacia to maple and wild almond.

There lived many animals in this plain in the past, however, today you can enter the region without worry about bear or wolf attack because most of these animals have unfortunately been dead or hunted.

Shimbar lagoon that is protected by the Department of Environment in the protected area of Shimbar, is the host of birds such as coot, pelican, seagull and barn swallow. Dela, Qalandaroun, Dameh and Chal-e Monar mountains all are here in this green plain; therefore, many mountain climbers come here every year.

In addition to the pleasant nature, there are some historical attractions in this plain, too. Tang-e Botan with twelve inscriptions are on the hillside of Dela. These inscriptions have remained from Parthian period in the area of Alymais ruling; they have all nationally inscribed. Pol-e Negin or Khoda Afarid is the memorial of Parthian empire and water of Shimbar Plain flows into Shalla valley through this 300meters bridge.


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