Administration of Justice the Chief Goal of Islamic Government

  December 15, 2021   Read time 2 min
Administration of Justice the Chief Goal of Islamic Government
One of the reasons of the Islamic Revolution was indeed the administration of justice and equality in Iran. People were disappointed of the oppressive policies of the Shah and this was why they supported Imam Khomeini and his movement. Here Imam Khomeini articulates this.

The Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) instituted a government like other governments of the world except that his was one for the purpose of promoting social justice and, likewise, the early Muslim caliphs had full-fledged governments and so was Imam Ali's (A.S.) government which was broader and more inclusive and which is an obvious record in history. Subsequent governments, too, were established in the name of Islam, and even today the governments which pretend to be Islamic and to have been founded on the edicts of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) are varied and many.

In this last will and testament of mine I will do it as briefly as I can, trusting that our men of letters, our sociologists and our historians will disillusion Muslims that the prophets were (A.S.) concerned solely with spiritualities, that involvement in government and management of the state affairs is condemned in religions, that the prophets and the saints refused to get themselves involved in these areas and that, by the same token, we, too, must guard against getting ourselves involved in those concerns is a sad mistake which entails the destruction of Muslim nations and opens the door for the bloodthirsty colonialists

On the contrary, the idea that is discountenanced is the very existence of satanic and dictatorial tyrannical governments which are instituted for the very purpose of domination over the masses. Corrupt worldly pursuits, including the accumulation of wealth, the gaining of power and the status of worldly gods and, in essence, involvement in such worldly concerns which tend to make man overlook the Blessed and Supreme Lord.

Institution of a government for administering justice in the interest of the oppressed and downtrodden masses, for preventing tyranny and oppression and for instituting social equality similar to what Solomon and the Glorious Messenger of Islam (S.A.W.) and his noble disciples struggled for is among prime duties and -its establishment is a lofty act of worship since the rational politics which mark such governments is a principal social requisite.

I exhort the wakeful and vigilant people of Iran to neutralize such plots relying on their Islamic perceptions, and also exhort our self-committed writers and public speakers to help our nation, and thereby eliminate the conspiring worldly satans of our time.

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