Agha Bozorg School and Mosque, Kashan, Central Persia

  November 29, 2021   Read time 1 min
Agha Bozorg School and Mosque, Kashan, Central Persia
Agha Bozorg mosque and school building are one of the most magnificent and beautiful mosques of Qajar era in Iran that is established by Haj Mohammad Taqi Khanban invest for prayer and discussion by his son-in-law, Mullah Mahdi Naraqi II, known as Agha Bozorg during 1250 to 1260 years.

Agha Bozorg school and mosque is one of the most magnificent Islamic-Iranian monuments in Kashan that the main building and its magnificent domes and structures by the grandeur of the building and excellent design and unique map with the beautiful architecture of the garden, 2 upper and lower courtyards, massive brick dome, porch with two minarets, is the most interesting historic buildings now. All the building, such as the dome, which is the largest brick dome that built by brick and has been decorated such as tile work, brick work, filet and tile exquisite inscriptions, Muqarnas, calligraphy in Sols and Nastaʿlīq script and painting.


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