Alborz Province a Modern Metropolis of Iran

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Alborz Province a Modern Metropolis of Iran
Alborz province is one of the provinces of Iran. It has not been a long time since the formation of this province. Karaj (the center of this province) and its surrounding were considered part of Tehran province until 2010.

Karaj is the most immigrant city in the country after Tehran and the diversity of ethnic groups is very high. Due to this fact, it is not unreasonable that this is called Little Iran.
A large part of the Alborz mountain range passes through the north of this region and that is why this province has been named “Alborz”. However, the civilization of this area is very long. Not only Karaj is mentioned in the Avesta and Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, there are remains of Zoroastrian shrines and monuments from the Achaemenid period (550-330 BC) around the city.
Karaj-Chalous road, which is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, connects Alborz from the north to Mazandaran province. The north of the province is humid and Sub-humid and the south has a desert climate. It seems that the best time of travelling to this province is summer.
In fact, two thirds of this area is mountainous. Karaj, Taleghan, Savojbolagh, Nazarabad, Eshtehard, Meshkindasht, Mahdasht, Hashtgerd, Kamalshahr, Mohammadshahr, Garmdareh and Fardis are located in this province. Alborz province has a very interesting nature. There are several waterfalls and tourist villages which attract tourists every year.
The climate conditions and fertile soil have caused high grade agricultural products. Walnut, apple, pear, mulberry, can be named but a few. There are many shops on Chalous Road that sell local dairy products and honey. Besides, their stunning handicrafts are another attraction of this area, among which we can name kilim weaving, pottery and embroidery.


Jahan Nama Park and Pars Aqua Village in Tehran-Karaj highway, Chamran Park and its flower garden at the beginning of Karaj entrance, Suleymanieh Palace located in Agriculture and Natural Resources Campus, Bam-e Karaj, Iran-Zamin Park and Fateh Garden are great options for sightseeing.
Zoroastrian fire temple in Kalak, Shah Abbasi bridge, Mesbah bath in Mesbah neighborhood, Shah Abbasi caravanserai in Tohid Square, Imamzadeh Taher, Imamzadeh Hassan, Museum of Iranian historical cars on Lashkari Expressway and Bird Garden are the spectacular attractions of Karaj. In Mehrshahr, Karaj, there is a Kakh-e Morvarid (pearl palace) with impressive architecture which is worth visiting.
The nature of Taleghan is totally eye-catching. The lake, the mountains, the waterfalls and the colorful scenery look spectacular in all seasons. The distance from Karaj to Taleghan is about 2 hours by car.
Taleghan Dam is built on Shahroud River. Many tourists visit Taleghan Dam Lake on holidays. There is also a possibility of fishing in this lake.
Karaj-Chalous Road
Every traveler who once twists and turns through the Karaj-Chalous road will never forget its beauty. There are many gardens at the beginning of the road from Karaj to Chalous. Some of these gardens allow travelers to use the garden environment and beds along the river for rent.
Many restaurants and ice cream parlors on this road will host your memorable moments. At 25 km of Chalous Road, there is Karaj Dam or Amirkabir Dam which has a spectacular view.


Tourists Villages
Gachsar village is famous for its tulip garden, which grows in May and April. But it also has attractions in the other months of the year; Like Yakh-Morad Cave. Yakh-Morad Cave, with its ice inside, is considered a nature travel destination.
In Shahrestanak village, located at km 88 of Chalous road, there are old monuments, such as Nasser al-Din Shah's summer palace and Dozdband castle.
Another famous village near Karaj is Atashgah. The Atashgah dates back to the Parthian period. Zoroastrians lived in this area for a long time. But now it is famous for its many restaurants and pleasant weather.
Kordan is one of the most famous villages near Karaj with its river and trees.
From the Kordan exit on Tehran-Qazvin highway and from Atashgah route in Karaj, you can reach the village of Baraqan. Baraqan is famous for its historic bridge, garden, old trees and plums.
There are many waterfalls in Alborz province and Khor waterfall is one of its famous waterfalls. Especially when it freezes in winter and turns into an icy waterfall.
Ski Resorts
Dizin and Gajereh routes are separated from Chalous Road, at 65 km of Karaj-Chalous Road. Tourists who want to ski, they go to Dizin by this route. Khor ski slope and Dizin ski slope are popular places for those who are enthusiastic about skiing.

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