Alimalat Lake in Mazandaran

  October 12, 2020   Read time 1 min
Alimalat Lake in Mazandaran
Alimalat or Elimalat Lake is a beautiful natural landscape in Noor county in Mazandaran. This wonderful lake provides the unique opportunity for camping and benefitting from the nature.

Alimalat Lake due to its location in the heart of forest reminds the tropical regions near the Equator. Part of the route that provides the access to the lake of Alimalat Embankment lies across the trees that make up unique perspectives. Such fish as Qizil Ala and Amur live in this lake. Since most of the people of the region throw their Goldfish into the lake after Eid-e Noruz, one can also find a considerable number of this type of fish in Alimalat Lake. Different welfare facilities including restaurant, supermarket, lavatory, camping sites, bowers, suits and coffee shop are provided around the lake. Moreover, if you are interested in fishing and boating, you can buy the required equipment in this place. All seasons are considered to be a suitable time for traveling to this lake and each one has its own beauty. But autumn would be the most beautiful season for visit.

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