Allameh Tabatabaie University offers first Uzbek language course

  November 01, 2021   News ID 4721
Allameh Tabatabaie University offers first Uzbek language course
The caretaker of Allameh Tababaie University (ATU) said that ATU’s first Uzbek language course was offered today.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Abdullah Motamedi who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Uzbek language course in Iran, which is cosponsored by the Faculty of Turkish Language of the ATU, the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Tashkent and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Cultural Institute, reiterated: Iran and Uzbekistan are two major countries in this cultural domain, each with rich and precious cultural heritage.

“The cultural bonds between the two countries are as old as their long histories and their shared religions and languages have always played special roles in further expansion of their relations,” he added.

The ATU caretaker said that although the recent decades’ political developments apparently highlighted the two countries’ border lines for a period of time, but today those shared commonalties have once again paved the path for renewing the ancient ties of friendship between the Iranians and the Uzbeks.

Motamedi said that in the year 2020 although the COVID-19 pandemic decreased the level of cooperation between the two countries' universities, the ATU and the Oriental Studies University of Tashkent signed their scientific MOU (Source: IRNA).