Ancient City of Basht

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Ancient City of Basht
Basht is among the ancient cities of Kohgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad Province. It is located in the southwest of the province, 110km away from Yasuj, in the tropical part of Kohgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad.

The main population of this city is the Bavi tribe who are Lor and speak in Lori language, as well. Basht includes a central district and Bustan district and it passed less than a decade from its being registered as an independent city.
The temperate weather and fertile soil are among the features that made Basht one of the agricultural poles of the province. The proper water resources made even the rice cultivation in this region possible. However, during recent years, the corn replaced rice for the reason of repeated droughts. The main source of income and economy of this region is agriculture, gardening and animal husbandry.
Some documents attribute the history of Basht city to Achaemenid dynasty. The tourism destinations of this region include mostly the ancient and historical sites. The main historical monuments of Basht is a twin stone pillar (made of limestone) best-known as Do Gur-e Dopa in Shosh Sofla village. The antiquity of these two columns backs to Sassanid dynasty, however, there is no exact information about the nature or function of this monument. Some believe that these two creamy columns were the bases of a fireplace that have been destroyed over time.


There is a historical paved route in a neck namely Allahu Akbarneck in the way of Basht to Gachsaran. This route, a small part of which remains today, is the survivor of the Royal Road of Achaemenid period that was one of the busiest paths during the rule of Achaemenid kings.
Khami waterfall is among the natural and pristine attractions of Basht and the tourism region of Shah Bahram and the historical complex of Khan Ahmad are the other old buildings of the city.
The cedar tree of Basht with more than 2700years history is one of the oldest historical attractions of this city that has become one of the most visited attractions of Basht, with 40meters height and 7meters width.
Basht has a temperate climate in all seasons, however, the best time is the spring here.
Of the main handicrafts of this city, Jajim and kilim can be referred that are adorned with the beautiful and handmade tassels. In addition, carpet weaving and textile are popular and constitute the main souvenirs of travelers to Basht.

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