Bandar Abbas

  January 11, 2022   Read time 1 min
Bandar Abbas
Bandar Abbas is located in the northern Strait of Hormuz in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with the height of 10 m above the sea level. It enjoys a warm and humid climate and has two long warm seasons and a moderate and short winter.

Bandar Abbas consists of 4 parts named “Markazi“, ” in“, ”Takht“, ”Ghale Ghazi“, 4 cities and 11 rural districts. Bandar Abbas is a developing city and one of the most significant strategic and commercial centers in Iran and world which have a privileged economic, political, cultural and social position by an appropriate geographical situation.

Huge oil sources, fishing and pearl hunting, being a fulcrum point for the transport of goods and a capital in various forms are the great results in Hormozgan province so that they have turned Bandar Abbas into the special economic zone of mining, metals, shipbuilding, imports and exports of goods.

In addition to the historical, cultural and the special nature of tropical and coastal area attractions, this city has valuable local handicrafts. Hormozgan people and the residents of Bandar Abbas are divided into two groups by their races: Whites of Aryan immigrants, Arabs and immigrants, and blacks and Native Asians among them blacks are immigrants from Africa and the Arabian coast.

Most of people speak in Farsi, they are known as Bandari. There are some Arabic, Ballochi and English words in this dialect. People in some parts of province speak in Arabic and their own local dialect. Most of them are followers of Shia and Sunni (Shafei).

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