Chalus the Bahamas of Persia

  December 26, 2023   Read time 1 min
Chalus the Bahamas of Persia
Chalus is one of the key destinations of the Iranian nature lovers. On Friday eves many Iranians drive to this beautiful city to cook Kebab on the roadside.

Chalus in the west of Mazandaran Province is located in the central plain of Caspian Sea’s beaches. This city is surrounded by the Caspian Sea in the north, Alborz mountain range in the south, Nowshahr city in the east and Tonekabon in the west. The climate of Chalous like the other regions of Mazandaran and Gilan is moderate and wet. Chalus consists of 3 parts named ”Kelardasht”,”Marzanabad”,”Markazi”, four cities and 6 rural districts.


Old and tourist regions of Chalus with an important tourist attraction is one of the most beautiful, most important and well known regions in the north of Iran that is always known to Chrysoprase due to its beautiful nature and the famous road as well as several historical and natural.

Chalus was an agricultural tourism region where the rice and citrus constitutes important export products. Traditional arts such as rug weaving, Bazaar and trade and services have an important role in Chalus economy. Various tribes with different languages and culture from different parts of Iran live in Chalus most of them speak in Farsi .The religion of people is Islam here and they are followers of Shia.

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