Clay Dome of Mashhad

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Clay Dome of Mashhad
Historical monuments allow us to study our past. They have been witness to the developments that are the source of the current situation in which we live and in this sense they can teach us how to depict a different future. Then, historical monuments are not just for taking a journey into the past rather they truly matter!
This mausoleum is located on Tabarsi Street, Noghan Alley near Tabarsi Square. Imamzadeh Mohammad is buried in this place. This Imamzadeh is one the eighteenth generation of grandsons of Imam Sajjad. The dome of this mausoleum is made of brick and for this reason it is called clay. The architectural style of this monument is very similar to Safavid buildings.
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