Dolphins Bay, Qeshm

  January 29, 2024   Read time 2 min
Dolphins Bay, Qeshm
Qeshm is a unique island in the south of Iran, an island of tradition, history and culture. An island with a rich culture and a pure and pristine ecosystem which fascinate every traveler. Every piece of this big island hides a pure and invisible gem in its heart, the desire to see each of them can be the aim of a trip.

Some people love Qeshm for its culture, for its southern traditions, for the image of its veiled women in native and embroidered clothes, for its warm and rhythmic music when it echoes in the harbor and on the barges. Some others travel to Qeshm for its seafood and its spicy and thick taste or even for the Zaar ritual, which refers to imaginary creatures that cause illness, and Father Zaars and Mother Zaars who ritually cure this disease in the south. Finally, some like Qeshm for its unique environment, pristine coral beaches, mangrove forests or its giant turtles and playful dolphins.

But Qeshm is a combination of all these beauties. The beauties that make the trip to this island memorable and lasting. One of the most exciting attractions of Qeshm is the Bay of Dolphins. In fact, this bay locates between two islands: Qeshm and Hamgah. The enclosed sea area of ​​this part of the Qeshm coast has created a safe environment to home the marine animals and even birds. But most of dolphins consider this area as their home and have even given their name to this beautiful and safe bay. In addition to dolphins, other animal species such as saltwater ornamental fish, sea turtles such as red, green and leatherback turtles also live in this area. The animal diversity of this part of the island is very high, and with a slight attention, you can see small and strange creatures that you may not have had the chance to meet before.

The most common way to travel to Qeshm Island is by plane. But many people go to Bandar Abbas by train or bus and then reach the island by boat and barge. Of course, many people prefer a private car and even bring their car to the island by ship. To go to the dolphin bay, hotels and accommodation centers have special tours that include a trip to the bay with pleasure boats and visit of dolphins.

Qeshm is an island with many facilities for tourists; there are many accommodation centers on the island, from hotels to rural and ecotourism accommodations. Also, on the beach leading to the bay of dolphins, all kinds of boats are available for sightseeing and even water sports and diving.

To see dolphins, it is better to go to this bay early in the morning, when the dolphins are very lively and if the weather is clear and the sea is calm, you will definitely have a chance to see them.

Due to the high temperature and sultry weather, the best times to travel to Qeshm are mid-autumn, winter and spring.

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