Dozens killed in Israeli strike on Gaza school as more hospitals encircled

  December 05, 2023   News ID 7168
Dozens killed in Israeli strike on Gaza school as more hospitals encircled
SAEDNEWS: Israeli air strikes have killed at least 30 Palestinians sheltering at a school, run by the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in Khan Yunis on the 60th day of the Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.

SAEDNEWS: Dozens of displaced Palestinians, who had taken shelter at Maen School, fleeing the non-stop Israeli attacks, were also found injured on Tuesday, according to a medical source. At least 10 others were killed in another attack on the Nusairat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces also launched fresh attacks overnight on the Kamal Adwan Hospital, in Jabalia in northern Gaza.Israeli tanks encircled the hospital and attacked its vicinity.

It is one of the last remaining operational health facilities in the war-stricken city, as the al-Shifa medical complex and the Indonesian Hospital have already been savagely attacked by Israeli forces.

Over 10,000 displaced people are currently seeking shelter at Kamal Adwan Hospital, according to the Palestinian WAFA news agency.

“As you can see here, the dust is covering Kamal Adwan Hospital because of the continuous shelling around the hospital. We are displaced people inside the hospital,” a man who sought shelter in the hospital compound with his wife and children was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera.

“Every 15 minutes, a bomb drops. Since the afternoon, there’s been artillery shelling. Our house was bombed two days ago. F-35 shelled our house while we were inside it. We have nothing to do with anything we want to live,” another resident told the news agency.

The Government Media Office in Gaza said on Monday the bombardment of the Kamal Adwan Hospital shows that Israel has “an integrated scheme” to destroy the healthcare system in Gaza.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk also warned on Sunday that no place in Gaza is safe amid Israel’s fresh air raids and evacuation orders.

“As a result of Israel’s conduct of hostilities and its orders for people to leave the north and parts of the south, hundreds of thousands are being confined into ever smaller areas in southern Gaza without proper sanitation, access to sufficient food, water, and health supplies, even as bombs rain down around them,” he said in a statement.

“I repeat, there is no safe place in Gaza.”

According to the UN, 26 hospitals and 55 healthcare centers went out of service in Gaza as of December 2, adding that only six out of 24 hospitals in Gaza City and North Gaza are partially operational.

“None of these six hospitals have surgery capacity,” it added.

UN also reported that in the south, 12 hospitals are partially functional.

“Only one of the currently functional hospitals [in the south] has the capacity to treat critical trauma cases or perform complex surgery,” the world body said.

There are also reports of rising deaths among patients. UN said at least 1,000 patients with kidney failure, more than 2,000 cancer patients, and 130 neonates in incubators “are at high risk.”

As the Israeli army expanded its ground attacks in Gaza, tanks and infantry forces encircled several hospitals in Gaza City and northern Gaza.

Since the start of the war on October 7, nearly 16,000 Palestinians, including more than 6,000 children, were killed by Israeli aggression during the past two months. Many more are feared to be buried under the rubble (SOURCE: PRESSTV).