Ecotourism Destinations in Iran: Anzali Lagoon, Gilan

  October 26, 2020
Ecotourism Destinations in Iran: Anzali Lagoon, Gilan
Anzali lagoon is one of the magnificent aquatic natural habitats of Iran. This brilliant lagoon is home to the rarest sea creatures and birds. Many migrating birds choose this lagoon as their destinations. The lilies or morning glories make a heavenly scene over the surface of the lagoon. When the morning glories bloom the whole surface turns pink

Being a coastal wetland, Anzali Lagoon is located in Gilan province on the Caspian coast. This wetland is connected to the Caspian Sea by a ship channel (which is supported by two breakwaters). It should be said that the drainage basins of Anzali Lagoon cover three hundred and seventy-four thousand hectares. Anzali Lagoon was registered as an international wetland and it has been considered as an important bird habitat by the international societies. Some think that the word Anzali is derived from Hamzali which means abrasion and scrubbing between water and land. Interestingly, there are two words in Greek, Anzalus, and Anzalia which were synonyms to march. This is not just a hypothesis because Anzali Lagoon dates back to fifteen thousand years ago. Anzali Lagoon has four sections: east, west (Abkenar), center (Selkeh), and Siah Keshim (which is the name of a bird species, Black-necked grebe). being a natural wetland with freshwater, Anzali Lagoon is irrigated by eleven rivers and thirty tributaries. in the west of this wetland, the maximum depth reaches over two meters. Because of the form of its ecosystem and the shape of its bed, this wetland has a unique ecological structure. Nelumbo Nucifera, also known as Indian lotus or sacred lotus, is the most famous plant in Anzali Lagoon and it has a worldwide reputation. It should be said that aquatic plants are categorized into these groups: emergent, floating-leaved, submerged, free-floating.

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