Farhad Fakhradini the Founding Father of Iran's Post-Revolution National Orchestra

  August 15, 2021   Read time 1 min
Farhad Fakhradini the Founding Father of Iran's Post-Revolution National Orchestra
Farhad Fakhradini is a composer, conductor, and one of the most influential musicians in Persian  music over the last fifty years.

He studied with Abu’l-Hasan Saba and ‘Ali Tajvidi and was appointed Conductor of the Grand Orchestra of Tehran Radio and Television following the administrative restructuring of Iran’s Radio and Television during the years 1971-1978. After the 1979 revolution, he continued his career as a composer and music teacher, winning fame anew as the founder and the conductor of Iran’s National Orchestra. The establishment of this orchestra under the patronage of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance was in accordance with the initial conception behind the establishment of the Grand Golha orchestra of 1956.

During the last fifteen years (1997-2011), Fakhriddini has conducted numerous compositions written by Persian classical composers such as ‘Ali Tajvidi and Ruhu’llah Khaliqi performed by the orchestra and its vocalists. This orchestra is the only living token of the sound of the Golha orchestra active during the present day. This orchestra has preformed in both Europe and in China.

Besides his other remarkable contributions in the field of music for feature films and television soap operas, his particular, particular attachment and attention to the Golha programmes and their influence on his work is evident. In the years 1971-1997 he wrote compositions for the Grand Orchestra, which were performed and accompanied by greatest Persian solo instrumentalists and vocalists.

His compositions consist of an evolved form of the school of Vaziri, Khaliqi, Ma‘rufi, and Tajvidi, featuring his beautiful orchestration and refinened melodic-harmonic arrangements. Many video cassettes and CD albums of these performances of the National Orchestra reminiscent of the Golha Orchestra have been published.

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