FM: Washington not defendant but criminal in breaching JCPOA

  September 07, 2021   News ID 3928
FM: Washington not defendant but criminal in breaching JCPOA
Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian emphasized that it was the Americans who inflicted the major damage to Iran nuclear deal, so they are the criminals in that respect, not merely the defendants.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Amirabdollahian made the comment at noon time Monday, at Martyr Soleimani Building of the Foreign Ministry, as he was the host of the foreign countries’ ambassadors in Tehran to congratulate him for shouldering his new diplomatic responsibility.

He announced that the 13th government considers negotiations an effective diplomatic tool and will never distance itself from negotiations.

He meanwhile elaborated on the diplomatic approach of the new Iranian government and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s major priorities in that field.

Amirabdollahian said that the foreign policy of the 13th government will be balanced, dynamic, and smart.

We insist to dispatch this message to the entire world that our foreign policy will have a balanced basis. Based on that foundation, one of our major priorities is our look at our neighbors, which has no exceptions, he said at the beginning of his talks.

The foreign minister said that Iran’s next priority is its special approach towards the Asian countries, arguing that Asia has unique characteristics in the 21st century thanks to the existence of newly emerged political powers and the new opportunities they have created for Asia and the world.

We have lots of friends and allies among our neighbors and in Asia and in the priorities of our foreign policy and pay special attention to those two axes. Yet, as it is obvious from the 13th government’s foreign policy, our prioritizing our neighbors and the Asian countries does not mean that we ignore the rest of the world; paying attention to the Arabic and Islamic countries, as well as the African, Latin American, European, and Western countries comprises a part of our active and dynamic foreign policy, added Amirabdollahian.

The foreign minister said that campaign against the coronavirus pandemic is among the priorities of President Ebrahim Raisi’s government, adding that besides paying attention to maximum production of Iranian vaccines, the Foreign Ministry in collaboration with the respected foreign ambassadors managed to supply a large number of vaccines.

He added that keeping in mind worrying conditions in Afghanistan, we did not ignore paying attention to over four million refugees and are pursuing the vaccination of those Afghan guests in Iran.

On Iran’s nuclear talks with the world powers, Amirabdollahian said that as he has emphasized in his talks with Enrique Mora, that Iran had a positive viewpoint to the negotiations as an opportunity for diplomacy, but Tehran also believe that negotiation for the sake of negotiation has any benefit neither for the Iranian nation nor for any of the other sides.

He said that Iran welcomes any negotiation that will ensure the rights and interests of the great Iranian nation, adding that it will act dynamically in this regard, but useless negotiations with no result will be a waste of time and not to the benefit of the Iranian nation.

The Iranian top diplomat focusing on the ongoing developments in Afghanistan, emphasized the need for the establishment of an inclusive government there in which the entire Afghan tribes and ethnic groups will have representatives.

He expressed deep concern about the developments in that country and the growing threats of terrorism and narcotic drugs trafficking, reiterating that dispatching humanitarian aids has always been among Iran's priorities and despite the tough conditions, Iran has tried to keep open the borders for forwarding humanitarian aids and commercial transactions.

Amirabdollahian referred to the existence of certain misunderstandings in bilateral ties with few countries, which has created obstacles in the way of smooth and favorable diplomatic ties and argued that Iran always considers talking with regional counties as a principle and consider inner-regional dialogues a serious exit way from the existing regional status.

Referring to his first foreign trip as a minister to Baghdad, he said that Iran considers foreign interference harmful and welcomes any format that encourages intra-regional dialogues that will lead to regional peace and stability.

He then focused on Iran’s relations with Europe, while emphasizing the opportunities for Europe and the West in Iran’s new government's foreign policy.

The opportunities are not restricted to the European troika, he added.

He said that the EU troika must distance itself from inaction in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), adding that apart from the fact that the Americans have a role in keeping the sanctions against Iran and depriving the Iranian people from the interests of the deal, some of those responsibilities are on the EU troika (Source: IRNA).

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