Former US Embassy in Tehran the Site of Hostage Crisis

  March 07, 2021   Read time 1 min
Former US Embassy in Tehran the Site of Hostage Crisis
Most of historical monuments in Tehran tell stories of the key events in social and political history of Iran. Former US Embassy in Tehran that is better known as the den of espionage today in Iran was the headquarter of vital decisions of the future of middle east. Iranian students occupied the embassy and took hostage the inmates in 1979.

See where the Iranian hostage crisis took place during the 1979 Iranian Revolution at US Den of Espionage, today painted with colorful anti-American murals. Back then, a revolutionary guard took hold of the former embassy and used it as a training center. Today, the guard still looks after the building, which now houses a library and a museum--both closed to the public except on rare occasions. At the entrance, inspect the severely damaged but still-standing U.S. seal. The murals, funded by the Iranian government to suggest the political alliance between America and Israel, depict a grotesque skull-faced Statue of Liberty and the U.S. Capitol topped by the Israeli flag.


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