Gisoom Beach, Gilan Province

  June 27, 2021   Read time 1 min
Gisoom Beach, Gilan Province
Coast of Caspian Sea in all cities of the north of Iran attracts people; almost the whole coastal line in the north of Iran has permanent passengers, however, some parts of this line have more attractions one of which is Gisoom coast in Gilan province.

The forest park and coast of Gisoom is located in 406 kilometers to the capital and 88kilometers to Rasht. About 14kilometers after Rezvanshahr you can see the sign of Gisoom. Another way is reaching the coast through Talesh; it is just 17kilometers far from this city.

The mystery of Gisoom attraction is the vicinity of forest and coast. At first, you must cross a forest road, a pleasant route, with thick trees on two sides. when the forest park ends the coast of the sea appears.

The wonderful landscape of the sea and sky and the sound of the waves reaching the beach are mixed with the scent of sea and calm you down. You can sit at the beach on the sands for hours looking the waves. However, many more interesting entertainments are waiting for you in Gisoom coast.

One of the most popular entertainments in this coast is driving four-wheel motor. Some prefer to ride a paraglider. Horseback riding is also possible at the beach. But more enjoyable is when you get on the boat.

If you are traveling with your family it will be most exciting for kids, too. Adults are always interested in making sandcastles and collecting seashells along with the children. There are also possibilities for children in inflatable park and trampoline.

There are various edibles in Gisoom coast; You can go to the small restaurants at the beach and try Mahi Kebab (the grilled fish). Coastal hotels near the sea are waiting for you, if you decide to stay for a night at the beach.

Enjoy the landscapes that have been created through the vicinity of sea and jungle on the way back, it may be unrepeatable. Walking and breathing in the fresh air of the jungle is very difficult to achieve elsewhere.

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