Giveh of Kermanshah

  January 17, 2022   Read time 1 min
Giveh of Kermanshah
Giveh Bafi, making of Giveh, or Giveh Chini, is one of most significant handicrafts of Kermanshah and it makes up a major share of products of this province. Giveh is an espadrille like footwear that is very light and durable. It was more common in the past and was worn by farmers and villagers.

This clothing has very unique features. For example, it is highly suitable for arid and mountainous climates, it is very light which decreases the sweating of the feet. It does not have a left foot or right foot, both of them are the same. These features have given this footwear an international popularity and made it a unique product.

Making Giveh is one of the oldest crafts of Kermanshah. Remains of Giveh and tools for making them that have been discovered in the area of Pir Shalimar in Uraman are the evidence that it has more than hundred years history. The upper part of Giveh is usually made from cotton yarn, while the sole is made of textile, leather or plastic. Making of the upper is completely done by women in their homes. They sew the upper using a kind of needle that is called “Javaldooz”. But it is men that make the soles because it needs more strength. This part is usually done in workshops.

In Kermanshah, there are 4 types of Giveh: 1. Flat Ajideh Giveh 2. Flat leather Giveh 3. Flat plastic Giveh 4. Giveh with silk upper. The flat Ajideh Giveh is more expensive and high quality than the others and landowners used to wear them. In the past, Giveh did not have specific sizes, but they were made in 3 general sizes of small, medium and large.

They are most commonly white. However, sometimes the craftsman makes them in color like blue, red or black based on his own taste or by request of the buyer. Also, sometimes weaver women string colored glass beads to make the upper.These Givehs are used as slippers. Four of most important centers of Giveh in Kermanshah are city of Kermanshah, Paveh and two villages of Hajij and Navadeh.

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