Golestan Province the Green Heaven of Iran

  November 29, 2021   Read time 2 min
Golestan Province the Green Heaven of Iran
The Golestan province is located in the north of Iran, on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. The climate is subtropical. Many rivers flow through the land permeating dense forests. 

Turkmens are a significant minority in this province who speak their own language. The folk music of Turkmens appears in Bakhshi and Baghshi rhythms. A two string lute called Dotār is widely used to create those rhythms. Although dancing is not very common among these tribes, there is a local dance called Jazjar.

Common handicrafts of the province include carpet weaving, silk weaving, needle works, felt making, etc. Based on archeological findings in the ancient hill of Torāng Tappe, the civilization in the province dates back to 3000 BC.

Kāvūs Tower

Also called Qābūs Tower or Gonbad-e Qābūs in Persian, the brick structure is the tomb of Shams ol-Moālī Key Kāvūs Ibn Voshmgīr. The tower, which is one of the largest brick towers of the ninth century C.E., is located on the top of a hill in the middle of the public park of the town of Gonbad. The conical dome itself is 18 meters high.

Āgh Ghalā Lagoon

The lagoon is located on the southern bank of Atrak River. It is a habitat for diverse kinds of migrating birds like flamingoes, swans and wild geese. This place has high potential for attracting tourists due to its wonderful sceneries, vast lawns, availability of access roads and local and migrating birds.

Atrak River

The river originates from Hezar Masjid and Laleh Ruyan mountains in Khorāsān. This river is 600 kilometers long and flows into the Caspian Sea.

Nahārkhorān Forest Area

This region has always been an attraction for the people of Gorgān, the tourists and the nature lovers which provides them with all sorts of resort facilities such as hotels and restaurants.

Mīnākalleh Wild Life

This wild life shelter is located in the south east of the Caspian Sea with an area of seven thousand hectares. This is a real heaven for marine animals and migrating birds like geese, swans, flamingos, pelicans, pheasants and some other local birds like Dorrāj and Zangūleh Bāl.

Āshūrādeh Village

The village is an island which is located 25 kilometers away from Gorgān city and is one of the most attractive sites of Golestān province with a temperate, humid weather. This island is a perfect habitat for different kinds of local and migrating birds. Visiting the port and the facilities of Bandar Torkman, the beaches of Āshūrādeh Island and hunting fish for caviar are among the common recreational activities of natives of the region.

Torāng Tappe

This is one of the richest and largest ancient hills of Golestān province, located 25 kilometers northeast of Gorgān. Archeological studies show that the civilization on this hill dates back to five thousand years ago.

Rādkān Tower āūī

This tower is located on top of a hill 24 kilometers from the town of Kordkū near the village of Rādkān. This is the tomb of the famous commander, Āl-e Bāvānd of Tabarestān. This is a brick tower, with a conical dome and a height of 35 meters. It dates back to 9th century C.E.

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