Hamadan Jameh Mosque

  January 07, 2024   Read time 1 min
Hamadan Jameh Mosque
Jama Mosque of Hamedan is placed in a short distance from the central square of the city toward the west of Ecbatana Street, near the bazar. It is one of the Qajar monuments in the city. The construction date is visible on the Qatarbandi decoration worked on the front side of Iwan showing 1253 A.H.

The mosque includes several entrances: the new entrance along Ecbatana Street; the old entrance with a corridor decorated in Muqarnas placed in the west side of the building. The mosque was constructed based on a rectangular-square plan, it is in Persian Four-Iwan style of architecture, it is high with Rasmi Bandi decorations in the front side made of brick and simple Bannai tiles.


The inscription shows the name of Allah using the turquoise-edged tiles along with the Panj Tan names. The main prayer hall has fifty-five columns arranged in eleven rows.

The large brick dome of the mosque is placed over the prayer hall. It includes inscriptions on yellow square tiles with Al-Jumuʿah Surah and the verse “Only those shall maintain Allah’s mosques who believe in Allah and the Last Day” in Thuluth script. The building was registered in the list of Iran National Heritages on June 15, 1996 (No. 1733).

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