Holy Sites of Iran: Green Dome of Mashhad

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Holy Sites of Iran: Green Dome of Mashhad
Dome is an architectural element that is found in most Islamic buildings specifically in mosques. History of architecture in Iran is full of such domes along with other major substantial elements that feature Islamic-Iranian architecture as a whole.

Green Dome is the mausoleum of Sheikh Momen Astarabadi that dates back to Safavid era. The dome’s plan is of eight sides and has four porches. In addition to porches and arcs, its beautiful tiling has given it a specific appearance. This historical mansion is located in Akhund Khurasani Street and in the middle of a square with the same name. Green Dome was built upon the order of Shah Abbas the Great and is registered in the list of the national works.

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