Hooshang Kamkar

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Hooshang Kamkar
Kamkar, Hooshang (born Feb. 28, 1947) Iranian contemporary composer Childhood and Educations He was born in Sanandaj, the center of the Kurdistan Province of Iran. he learned the first principles of music in his birthplace from his father, master Hassan Kamkar.

After passing the course of high school in the field of Natural Science he left Sanandaj for Tehran and for two years under the supervision of Master Dehlavi he studied in the nocturnal classes of the conservatory of music. Then he returned to Sanandaj as an expert in music and started to teach music in the classes of culture and art. Hooshang Kamkar in 1972 entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University and received his B.A. certificate with the highest degree from Tehran University.

Then with the scholarship that the Italian government presented him, he departed to Italy and stayed there for one year and a half to study in the Santachi Chilean Rome Conservator the technics of “Counter Point” and “Fugue”. In 1976 he left Iran for the USA and received his Master of Art in music from the State University of San Francisco, USA, in the branch of the history of music. Professional Activities Kamkar came back to Iran in 1979 and for a while, he taught music at the Farabi University and Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University.


Then he worked for eleven years as a member of the scientific board of Art University and undertook the management of the music group of the university within the years of 1993 and 1999, but due to misconduct of the heads of the university and the low quality of the subjects of teaching he withdrew from his position and asked resignation. At the present time, he is the manager of the Kamkars’ Music Group and the manager of Kamkars’ open music conservatory in Tehran.

He also for around 6 years was the manager of the Symphonic Orchestra of Bahman Farhangsara (House of Culture). During his management, he held high-class concerts with the presence and participation of prominent Iranian and foreign conductors. Hooshang Kamkar at the present time is a member of the supreme council of the House of Music and the council for evaluating the works of artists in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

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