Imam Khomeini's Message to the Iranian Elite and Academics

  February 08, 2024   Read time 2 min
Imam Khomeini's Message to the Iranian Elite and Academics
Imam Khomeini believed that if the university embarks upon the straight path the whole society will follow the same track.

Among the plots of the western powers, as I have all too frequently reminded, is to control our public educational system, especially our colleges and universities, which are centers for nurturing people for taking the helm of the country in the future. With the ulama and the holy and theological students they have a scheme which differs from that for high schools and universities. Their scheme is to do away with the scholars (ulama) and to isolate them, either by suppressive measures such as they did at the time of Reza Khan -which backfired and led to opposite results- or by publishing defamatory propaganda and implementing other satanic devices for alienating the ulama from the college students and college graduates and so called the intellectuals which device was implemented by suppressive measures at the time of Reza Khan and which continued, though cunningly rather than by power of force, during the reign of Muhammad Reza.

At the college and universities the ideal of the foreign powers is to alienate students from their own native culture and lure them to the West or East and to select government administrators from the same category of graduates and install them 1n ranking positions so that the foreign powers may then exploit them as tools for doing whatever they want to do to this nation; so that they [the educated] will lead the country along a course ensuring the plundering of its wealth by foreign powers, and its orientation towards western cultures, the ulama being unable to counter the scheme because of their being isolated, hated and defeated.

That is the best scheme for keeping colonized nations backward and for plundering their wealth, since it assures the superpowers of the unobstructed, unprotested, and cost-free pocketing of the wealth of nations. Therefore, now that the universities and teaching colleges are being reformed with an academic and administrative purge, we have a responsibility to extend a helping hand to the people in charge so that we will ensure that never again in the future will our universities be misled to deviate education and anywhere we should happen to encounter a symptom of deviation we should try to rectify it as speedily as we can.

This vital goal should be implemented first and foremost by the mighty hands of the youth in colleges and universities and teacher colleges, and to salvage the colleges and universities from academic ruin is to salvage the country and the nation. I first and foremost exhort the youth and the youngsters and secondly their parents and friends and the people at the helm and selfcommitted intellectuals to endeavor with all their hearts in this concern and entrust the universities to future generations, as they should be. I also advise all future generations to protect the universities against the pitfalls of inclinations to West and East, and by the humanitarian and Islamic endeavor eliminate the influences of big powers from their country and make them feel frustrated in their plots. May God be your Supporter and your Savior.

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