US Sanctions Threaten Iranian Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic

  October 01, 2020   News ID 15
US Sanctions Threaten Iranian Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic
US government has unilaterally exercised unfair sanctions against Iranian people on the false pretext of Iran's support of terrorism and refusal of endorsement of US policies in the world and in Middle East. Many Iranians are suffering tough economic conditions due to Trump's bully actions. Corona has made the situation even more fragile.

SAEDNEWS Oct 1: Coronavirus continues to infect the world indiscriminately. However, some countries are experiencing more difficult times due to their failure of having access to the existing global healthcare mechanisms. Islamic Republic of Iran is under a heavy economic and political pressure since 2018 when President Trump decided to leave Iran Nuclear Deal better known as JCOPA. America has designed sanctions to cripple Iran government but these sanctions in fact target Iranian people and set their lives on the line. Sanctions in the time of wild spread of COVID-19 is a true action of aggression against humankind. Many Iranians are deprived of certain strategic medicine or medical care due to the unjust decisions of Trump Administration.


Now Iran is not able to support all Iranian people during the pandemic due to the currency crisis. Many people are forced to us public transportation system and attend their workplace and break vital corona protocols due to their difficult economic conditions. Trump and his administrations must be sued by International Criminal Court on account of their act of aggression against Iranian people. This is a clear silent massacre. Many die due to their deprivation of certain medinces that are provided by the international suppliers who have stopped trading Iran in fear of the punishment by US on the pretext of breaching US Sanctions.

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