Iran Strongly Condemns EU Interference in Iran's Internal Affairs

  December 14, 2020   News ID 1140
Iran Strongly Condemns EU Interference in Iran's Internal Affairs
The execution of terrorist spy Ruhollah Zam according to the legal procedures and trials is not welcomed by European countries. EU has leveled sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran due to the so called violation of human rights. However, Iranian officials believe that these comments are direct interference.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS, Dec. 14: "As it has been said before after issuing interfering remarks by the European states, German ambassador as his country is rotating head of the European Union and also French ambassador were summoned by the Iranian foreign ministry's director-general for Europe to the ministry," Khatibzadeh told reporters' questions about what happened during the meetings with German and French ambassadors.

He pointed out that the German and French ambassadors were notified about Iran's strong protest at statements by the European Union and also the two European countries in support of an infamous terrorist element and financial and spiritual supports by certain European countries for terrorist groups and elements who specifically commit security offenses in cooperation with the spy services of the West and Israel against the Iranian nation as they have explicitly confessed to their offenses.

"During these meetings, the Iranian foreign ministry's director general for Europe reminded the German and French envoys that according to what standards, training to make bombs, planning for street clashes, cooperation with foreign governments and intelligence services with the aim of toppling the Iranian political system and being accomplice to armed offenses can be named journalism?," he said, adding, "Or according to what definition a journalist is under monitoring, protection and in cooperation with French internal security organization and in close contact with Mossad."

He pointed out that despite French officials' being informed of activities by head of France-based Anti-Iran Media Ruhollah Zam, the French foreign ministry had allowed Zam to freely conduct his moves.

The EU and France had, separately, on Saturday condemned the execution Zam, who had played a major role in provoking violent riots and armed attacks on government and military centers and collaborated with foreign spy agencies.

The Iranian foreign ministry summoned German Ambassador in Tehran Hans-Udo Muzel and French Envoy Philippe Thiébaud on Sunday to protest an anti-Iran statement of the European Union (Source: Fars News).

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