Iran to dismantle terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan: Commander

  September 19, 2021   Read time 1 min
Iran to dismantle terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan: Commander
Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri warned terrorist groups settle in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region that if they continue evil activities, Iran would dismantle all of them.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: General Baqeri said that officials in Iraqi Kurdistan Region do not care about the issue, adding that the weaknesses of Iraq’s central government are caused by US presence in the country, all of which have caused active presence of terrorist groups in northern Iraq.

He said that stimulated by the US, Israeli regime, and some Arab states, the terrorist groups have tried to expand their terrorist operations.

Iraq’s central government and Kurdistan Region shouldn’t allow terrorist groups to establish training bases, radio and TV stations, and camps in northern Iraq and wage attacks on Iranian borders and regions and assassinated Iranians, General Baqeri underlined, stressing that this is not acceptable at all.

He said that Iran would continue operations carried out in the last two weeks, as it is a legal right for Iran to have secure borders.

The commander also said that Iran has advised Baghdad and Erbil to stop the presence of these terrorist groups, although they didn’t do so.

General Baqeri elaborated that Iran tolerates political activism, but it won’t accept armed activity and will act accordingly (Source: IRNA).

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