Iran Tourism: Sheikh Bahaei’s Tomb of Mashhad

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Iran Tourism: Sheikh Bahaei’s Tomb of Mashhad
Mashhad is one of the most important religious and historical tourist poles of Iran that has many attractions and sightseeing sites. One of the key shrines of Mashhad is that Sheikh Bahaei who was a distinguished scientific figure and philosopher and mystic in Safavid era.

The tomb of Sheikh Bahaei the renowned scholar of 15th and 16th centuries is located inside the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. It is placed inside a mirrored chamber near Imam Khomeini hall. The tomb is of stone covered with glass. The chamber where the tomb of this scholar is located had been used by him as a classroom to teach his pupils before his death and is an area of 102 meters ornamented with many mirror works and calligraphic epigraphs. On the wall epigraphs of this mausoleum, the date of birth and death of this scholar is written.

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