Iran Tourism: Zeytoon Recreational Tourist Complex of Azadshahr

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Iran Tourism: Zeytoon Recreational Tourist Complex of Azadshahr
North in Iran is one of the most popular parts of the country for both the countrymen and outlanders. It is truly amazing to pay a visit to this part of the country whenever there is time for such an occasion. Golestan is one of the unknown gems of North. There are countless natural scenes that wait the tourists to discover them.

Zeytoon Recreational Tourist Complex is located on Azadshahr hill in two distinct points. The area of the northern field is almost 4 acres while the area of the southern field is almost 5.3 acres. This provides a beautiful landscape of the city before the eyes of the tourists. The welfare possibilities of this complex consist of bowers and platforms for the passengers and tourists. Later suit, restaurant and playground were added to this complex.

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This recreational complex is located over a hill with a relatively short height and this park can be used for walking. This park can be seen from all points of Azadshahr and the road from Gonbad to Gorgan and is of specific beauty. It has been in the form of a forest in past 30 years and it turned into farming lands and olive gardens and due to its 4 acres of olive hills it became known as olive hill.

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