Iran: US Attacks Blocking Political Solution to Regional Tensions

  February 04, 2024   News ID 7617
Iran: US Attacks Blocking Political Solution to Regional Tensions
SAEDNEWS: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that recent strikes by the US military in West Asia make it difficult to settle the crisis in the region through diplomacy.

SAEDNEWS: The Iranian diplomat, in a meeting with Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Yemen Hans Grundberg in Tehran on Saturday, slammed the US and UK military onslaught on Yemen and Washington's move to put the Ansarullah resistance movement back on a list of "terrorist" organizations.

Amir Abdollahian told Grundberg that the US military actions against Yemen as well as its decision to designate the powerful movement have "complicated the situation and made it more difficult to reach a political solution”.

Yemen has pledged solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip which has been under Israel’s relentless bombardment since early October, and targeted Israeli-owned and -bound merchant vessels in the Red Sea until the Zionist regime ends its ongoing war against the besieged territory which has so far claimed the lives of 27,200 Palestinians, mainly children and women. Sana'a has vowed not to stop attacking the Israeli-linked ships until the Zionist regime ends the barbaric aggression.

In response, Washington formed a military coalition against Yemeni troops in the Red Sea and endangered maritime navigation in the strategic waterway.

The US and UK, supported by several other countries, have in recent weeks carried out a series of missile strikes on several Yemeni targets. Following the assault, Yemen announced that Washington and London's interests are "legitimate targets" for the country’s armed forces, and the airstrikes "will not remain unanswered”.

Amir Abdollahian also condemned the US air raids on several targets in Syria and Iraq.

The minister stressed the action has been emanated from the continuation of its wrong approach to solve regional issues by resorting to bullying and militarism.

The United States launched airstrikes in Syria and Iraq against more than 85 targets, reportedly killing nearly 40 people, in retaliation for a deadly attack on American troops. The raids were the first in response to the drone attack last weekend in Jordan, and more US military operations are expected in the coming days (SOURCE: FARSNEWS).

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