Iran Warns US Against Being Dragged into Another Conflict in West Asia

  January 29, 2024   News ID 7570
Iran Warns US Against Being Dragged into Another Conflict in West Asia
SAEDNEWS: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kana’ani dismissed Washington’s claim that Tehran was connected to the drone attack that killed three American soldiers near the Jordan-Syria border as unfounded, describing it as a conspiracy by those who are seeking to drag the US into a new regional crisis.

SAEDNEWS: Kana’ani on Monday said since the outset of the Gaza war, Iran had repeatedly warned against “the spread of clashes in the region” as a result of “the relentless Israeli bombardments” against the besieged enclave and “the US unwavering supports for the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

The US’ “constant and recurrent violation of the national sovereignty of Iraq and Syria” as well as the bombing of people and groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen have escalated the “cycle of instability and insecurity”, the spokesperson added.

He once again stressed that the resistance groups in the region do not take orders from Iran and act independently, noting that Tehran “does not welcome the expansion of clashes in the region, and it neither does intervene in the decisions made by the resistance groups”.

The top diplomat denounced the “repeated baseless allegations” against Tehran as “a plot hatched by the parties that find their interests in entangling Washington again in a new conflict in the region” and “provoking it to inflame crisis in order to cover up their own problems”.

His remarks came after a drone attack on a US base on the border of Jordan and Syria killed three American military personnel, and wounded dozens more. President Joe Biden blamed what he calls "Iranian-backed groups" for the strike.

The attack marks the first time that US forces were killed since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza in early October.

Since the beginning of Israel’s war on Gaza, there have been around 160 attacks on US troops in Iraq and Syria. Most of those have been claimed by regional resistance groups.

Iran, Kana’ani stated, believes that the Gaza war is not the solution and ending Israel’s military onslaught could pave the way for the restoration of calm to the region.

He stated that Tehran is monitoring the regional developments with preparedness and vigilance, warning that the “responsibility for the consequences of the provocative accusations against Iran” lies with those making such groundless accusations (SOURCE: FARSNEWS).

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