Iranian ambassador in Moscow warns about traveling to Russia

  June 22, 2021   News ID 2882
Iranian ambassador in Moscow warns about traveling to Russia
After occurrence of difficulties for a number of Iranian visitors to Russia at two Moscow airports due to differing declaration of travel objectives with visa types and their being kept in airports in inappropriate conditions, Iran’s ambassador to Russia criticized travel agencies’ inappropriate informing of Iranian tourists.

Moscow, SAEDNEWS: According to an IRNA Monday news, during the past two weeks a number of the Iranian citizens who arrived in Moscow aboard Aeroflot Airlines planes could not present acceptable travel documents to Russian airport police, including declaring differing travel objectives with their visa types.

Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali says that the type of visas that these passengers held was FAN ID, which is the visas issued for foreigners who wish to enter Russia to watch the 2021 World Cup games in Saint Petersburg.

But the airport border police had while questioning the Iranian tourists holding such visits found out that they were travelling to Russia for other different reasons, and therefore held them at the airport.

Jalali said that as soon as the embassy was informed of the difficulties with which the Iranian citizens had got, the embassy began intensive negotiations with concerned Russian officials for problem resolving.

The Iranian ambassador meanwhile appreciated the Russian Embassy in Tehran for its collaboration aimed at problem resolving in that respect.

Both embassies had then issued communiques aimed at preventing the reccurrence of similar problems from then on, including acquiring appropriate visas with traveling objectives, both by the passengers and by the travel agencies.

Jalali said that there were a number of little children, elderly folks, and sick Iranian citizens facing the visa type problem at two Russian airports, and therefore, the embassy contacted both the Russian security officials and police commanders, in addition to airport border guards.

Jalali in particular criticized those Iranian citizens who had several times visited Russia and were hence familiar with the laws and regulations in advance, as well as the traveling agencies, whose job is seeing into the well-being and comfort of their passengers and informing them of every legal detail (Source: IRNA).

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