Iranian Hospitality Culture and Religious Values

  December 07, 2020   Read time 1 min
Iranian Hospitality Culture and Religious Values
Iran is the land of hospitality. Iranians love the guest and see him or her as the "Beloved One of God". "Guest Brings Bliss" and other similar cultural maxims show how much Iranians care about serving the guest according to the manners of hospitality.
Iranians feel that visitors attract God’s blessings into one’s home, and therefore visitors are always treated with respect and warmth. A popular phrase is mehmân habibe khodâst (a guest is loved by God). Guests are always given the most comfortable seat and the best food. They are pressed to eat, are offered tea without being asked whether they want any, and are generally fussed over. At the end of the visit, they are thanked for visiting and asked to come back soon. Guests also express their thanks repeatedly during the visit, ask their hosts not to go to so much trouble, assure them that they are comfortable, and at the end of the visit thank them profusely for their hospitality and ask them to repay the visit. Social visits have no definite beginning or end as far as the hosts are concerned. Guests are free to arrive and leave at their convenience, but it is good manners to keep in mind the hosts’ comfort (Source: Among Iranians).

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