Iranian Local Games: Gol Ya Poch (Handy-Dandy)

  August 09, 2022   Read time 2 min
Iranian Local Games: Gol Ya Poch (Handy-Dandy)
Gol ya Poch (Handy-Dandy) game has deep roots in the childhood of different Iranian generations and it is even so popular among the adults.

The exciting game of Gol ya Poch is one of the local game for entertainment and increasing the level of precision and consciousness of players at their leisure time in all the regions of Iran with different names and tricks. There is no limitation in the number of participants, age and gender and it is played twosome or in a group in sit or stand mode and it does not need to specific time or place to do.The participants of this game are divided into 2 groups and the leaders define the game conditions such as point’s quorum, the points of each action, finding the Gol with first action (Gol means a small object in fist), errors, penalty and the bonus of the game and the game starts by lottery.

The participants of one group are placed beside of each other and the participants of both groups in front of each other. The leader of a starter group suggests to the other group that how much points can deal with Gol and it is so-called as a sale the Gol instead of some points. Based on the opponent group decision if they give points to the starter then they can play with Gol and gain the lose points. The participants of starter group are placed beside of each other in a way that the opponent group cannot see their hands and they bring their hands near to each other and the leader, who is the owner of Gol, puts it in the hand of others secretly.

After that all members fist their hands and put them in front of the other group then they try to disturb the other group concentration by creating noise. The participant of the opponent group try to guess and find the goal by precision and consciousness and paying attention to the movement of the leader and members hands, their eyes and faces mode. Due to the guesses of the opponent group the suspicious hands to have Gol save and the other fist should open by saying the terms of "Gol or empty" then they have chance to find the Gol in the hands where the Gol is maybe inside of them. If they become successful to find the goal, will gain a point and should start the game in the next turn and if the opponent group cannot find the Gol again, the starter group should play again in addition to gain a point.

If the opponent group can guess the Gol and find it in first guess, they will gain 2 points and if they guess wrongly, should lose 1 or 2 points based on the defined rules. In the last turn, called as Shah Gol (gaining the last point which is usually 21), each group that wants gain the Shah Gol should repeat the terms of (please give the Shah Gol) pointing to the hands where they guess about the place of Gol and if they guess it correctly and can gain the Shah Gol, the opponent group points start from zero again and the game continues.

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