Iranian Nation Celebrates Democracy in Presidential Election 2021

  June 19, 2021   News ID 2818
Iranian Nation Celebrates Democracy in Presidential Election 2021
Despite a heavy campaign for boycotting election inside and outside Iran, people decided to go to the polls and decide about their destiny. This was another defeat for the enemy and the dawn of a new hope for a better future.

Tehran, SAEDNEWS: Hassan Rouhani, on Friday after casting his vote in the ballot box at Iran's election headquarters, has Emphasized the importance of the elections and said: "Our people know that these elections serve as Iran's capital and are very important for the Islamic country."

Regarding holding elections via electronic voting, he said: "Every year, we take a step forward regarding electronic voting, and the monitors in the election headquarters show how many people across the country participated in the elections and voted."

The President added: "Authentication is an important issue that is now done through the electronic system, and even voting and counting of votes in large part of the provincial centers is done by computers and mechanized, and I hope all stages of elections soon, voting and counting are done electronically which will help transparency."

Rouhani stressed: "These elections are important elections, and in addition to the city and rural council elections and the mid-term elections for the Islamic Consultative Assembly and experts, the most important election throughout the country is the presidential election."

He added: "Presidential election is held every four years in the country, and it is an important election considering the heavy responsibilities specified in the law for the president."

The president called on the people to go to the polls today and vote for their favorite candidates.

Rouhani added, "Elections are important, and despite the problems, we must go to the polls and cast our votes.

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