Iranian tourists can take direct flights to Venezuela as of 21 March

  February 14, 2022   News ID 6002
Iranian tourists can take direct flights to Venezuela as of 21 March
President of Venezuela’s Conviasa airline has said that his company is ready to establish direct flight between Tehran and Caracas, and Iranian tourists and businesspersons can visit the country as of March 21- the start of Nowruz in Iran.

Caracas, SAEDNEWS: Ramon Velasquez, who is also Venezuela’s deputy transport minister, made the remarks in an interview with an Iranian TV channel that narrates in Spanish language.

Velasquez said Conviasa long range airline can conduct direct flights between Tehran and Caracas and the reverse.

He further described to tourism as an important issue.

He went on to say that about 50 Iranian tour leaders are planned to fly to Venezuela on March 2 to get familiarized with tourist attractions of his Latin American country and hold talks on the related issues with the Venezuelan tourism officials.

And this will be the first step towards beginning of the trade flights, he added.

As he noted, Caracas-Tehran flight lasts for 13 hours.

He further underlined that cargo aircrafts have been flown between the two countries since three years ago.

Also, the Venezuelan official said his country sees Iran as a safe country with considerable tourism capacities.

In 2020, Conviasa transported 43 tour leaders from Venezuela to Iran to make them familiar with cultural, natural and historical tourist attractions in the country.

Iran is an example of a well-determined country which is under sanctions but develops without paying attention to the size of the bans (Source: IRNA).

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