Iranian Turks the First and Largest Ethnic Minority in Iran

  May 31, 2021   Read time 1 min
Iranian Turks the First and Largest Ethnic Minority in Iran
Iran owns a miscellaneous culture constituted of different cultural and ethnic trends. Not all Iranians are Fars or Persian and this is a fact that in some cases is neglected. The beauty of Iran is hugely informed by the fact that this country is home to culturally strong minorities and ethnic groups.

Once Iran was called Persia, so long ago. Originally people living around the Caspian Sea were called so. And later on, it got more general. Today Persians are the largest in number among the whole Iranian ethnics around 61%. They speak Persian or Farsi. You can find many of them in big cities like Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, and Shiraz. And they are Shia Muslims.

Iranian Turk people consist of different groups such as Azeris, Turkmens, and some other Turks who are living as divergent tribes in different parts of Iran. These tribes are the minorities of the Turkic-speaking people including Qashqai people, Khorasani Turks, Afshar people, and Qarai Turks. The majority belongs to Azeris who occupy most populations of these provinces; West and East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Qazvin, Zanjan, and Hamedan. Almost all Azeris are Shia Muslims.

Although their languages are Turkic-originated, every group speaks a non-identical Turkic language. Azeri Turkic language is much like Turkish. Khorasani and Turkmen Turkic are much like Turkmen of Turkmenistan. Turkmen are Sonni Muslims.

Qashqai people were Nomads but today most of them live a sedentary life. Yet a small part of them has remained the same. Their nomadic lifestyle has so much changed, though. They speak Qashqai language which roots from the Turkic language. Qashqais are really happy people seeking any excuse to throw their own traditional parties and enjoy themselves. They enjoy partying, singing songs, drinking tea and smoking Huka.

There is a common story about Azeris, especially those from Tabriz. The story goes like they have an outstanding trait to insist on not talking Farsi to other Iranians. And when you tell them you are not a Turk and do not know their language they open up, speaking Farsi: “Learn Turkic.”!!

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