Iran's Leader Lauds Yemen’s Red Sea Operation

  January 17, 2024   News ID 7493
Iran's Leader Lauds Yemen’s Red Sea Operation
SAEDNEWS: Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Tuesday hailed Yemen’s Armed Forces’ operation in the Red Sea against the Israeli-linked merchant vessels in support of the Gaza Strip which has been under relentless bombardment for 100 days.

SAEDNEWS: The Leader stated that the Yemeni campaign in support of the Palestinian people in the besieged enclave “deserves admiration and appreciation”. In solidarity with the Palestinians in the blockaded territory, Yemen has targeted ships in the in the strategic maritime route with owners linked to Israel or those going to and from ports in the occupied territories. Sana'a has vowed not to stop attacking Israeli-owned and -bound vessels until the Zionist regime ends its ongoing war on Gaza which has so far claimed the lives of 24,000 Palestinians, mainly children and women.

The US and UK, supported by several other countries, have in recent days carried out a series of missile strikes on several Yemeni targets in response to the country’s armed forces targeting shipping routes in the Red Sea. Following the raids, Yemen announced that Washington and London interests are "legitimate targets" for the country’s armed forces.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei praised the Yemenis for damaging the vital channels of the Zionist regime, adding, "Washington threatened [them], but they were not afraid of the US."

He said the Yemeni nation "did a great job", expressing hope that these "acts of resistance and activities will continue until victory" (SOURCE: FARSNEWS).

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