Iran’s President Due in Moscow on Thursday

  December 05, 2023   News ID 7172
Iran’s President Due in Moscow on Thursday
SAEDNEWS: Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi is scheduled to visit Moscow on Thursday in line with his administration’s policy of enhancing bilateral relations with friendly countries.

SAEDNEWS: President Rayeesi, invited by President Vladimir Putin, is expected to hold talks with the Russian leader on bilateral issues, regional and international developments as well as the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, during the one-day visit.

It will be the Iranian president’s second visit to Russia after he took office in August 2021.

Since Tehran and Moscow enjoy common interests in economic, military and security affairs as well as friendly relationship pursue common policies on regional and international developments especially when it comes to taking stances in the face of the United States’ unilateral and interventionist strategies.

Iranian officials say Tehran and Moscow, both subjected to tough economic sanctions by the Western countries, are determined to deepen their economic cooperation, adding that there are great capacities for increasing the volume of bilateral trade.

Several officials in Tehran and Moscow have repeatedly accused the United States of using the dollar as an instrument to wage economic and political war. Iranian and Russian officials have touched on the policy to replace the dollar with national currencies, and use other currencies in place of the dollar, and stress that the dollar should be gradually ditched from global transactions.

Iran and Russia have in recent years grown exchange of visits by officials to speed up expansion of relations in recent months.