Iran’s President: Gaza War to Lead to Israel’s Downfall

  December 05, 2023   News ID 7165
Iran’s President: Gaza War to Lead to Israel’s Downfall
SAEDNEWS: Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi condemned Israel’s relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip which has so far killed nearly 16,000 people, mainly women and children, and further assured that the war on the Palestinian territory would finally result in the downfall of the Zionist regime.

SAEDNEWS: In a speech to Iran’s parliament on Tuesday, President Rayeesi said Israel’s rampage of unprecedented scale against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will drive the final nail in the coffin of the “fake Zionist regime”. “We believe that the nations have today stood up and are shouting for human rights and the implementation of justice and a new world order,” the president stated, referring to the world-wide rallies against the weeks-long Israeli carnage in the besieged enclave.

He lashed out at the certain Western countries for supporting Israel during the conflict, adding, “The genocide is a source of sorrow for humanity, and it is more unfortunate that the supporters of the genocide are those who claim to be advocates of human rights.”

Rayeesi also highlighted inaction by the international organizations and institutions, stressing they “have lost their efficiency and effectiveness in front of the domination system".

Following the Hamas military operation against Israel in early October, American officials promised rock-solid and unwavering support to Tel Aviv. The US has also pledged unwavering support for Israel as its military pummels Gaza with bombardment, announcing it will provide Tel Aviv with everything it needed. Washington has also deployed two aircraft carrier strike groups to the Mediterranean, as well as an amphibious assault ship carrying 2,000 sailors and marines.

Iranian officials say the United States is waging a war on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip through Israel, and cautions that the current status in West Asia resembled a powder keg which could spiral out of control. They stress death of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is the outcome of the US massive military equipment’s shipments to the occupied territories, calling for trial of Israeli and American officials for their crimes against the Palestinian people. They note If Washington’s political and military aid to Zionists is cut off, the regime won’t be able to proceed its military campaign against the besieged strip.

Tehran says the Western leaders' trips to the occupied territories are aimed at giving artificial respiration to Israel and demonstrate the US' and Europe's concerns over the downfall of the Zionist regime.

At least 15,800 people have so far been killed in the besieged territory with over 40,000 people wounded. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, 70 percent of victims of Israeli strikes on the blockaded territory are women and children. Thousands more are missing and feared buried under the rubble.

Iranian officials have in recent weeks cautioned that the current status in West Asia resembled a powder keg which could spiral out of control. They warned that if diplomatic efforts to stop Israeli onslaught are unsuccessful, there is a risk of the conflict escalating uncontrollably, with multiple regional players joining the fight.

Tehran says the history of Israel is full of assassinations, massacre, torture and killing of Palestinian kids, and described Tel Aviv regime's atrocities and massacre of Palestinian women and children as indicative of the destitute of Zionists. Iranian officials say Tel Aviv has been struggling for more than 70 years to exit its identity crisis which has been mixed with genocide, plunder, forced displacement and scores of other inhumane moves (SOURCE: FARSNEWS).