IRGC Naval Force adds new strategic equipment to its fleet

  January 15, 2024   Read time 1 min
IRGC Naval Force adds new strategic equipment to its fleet
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (the IRGC) has added new strategic equipment to its naval fleet in a bid to boost its defensive and offensive power.

The IRGC Naval Force received the new equipment in a ceremony held in Bandar Abbas, the capital city of the southern province of Hormuzgan, according to an IRNA report on Saturday, citing the IRGC Public Relations. The ceremony was attended by IRGC Top Commander Major General Hossein Salaami, IRGC Naval Force Commander Commodore Alireza Tangsiri, and several provincial officials.

The new equipment includes a wide range of vessels and vehicles, from a patrolling combat warship to four missile launcher vessels and five vessels equipped with air defense missile launchers.

A vessel equipped with a medium-range surface-to-surface missile, and nearly three dozen vehicles equipped with rocket launchers are also among the newly added weapons, among others.

According to the Public Relations of the IRGC, the ceremony was aimed at showcasing the power and capabilities of the IRGC Naval Force in confronting potential threats. It was also aimed at helping boost regional security and resistance coupled with strengthening the spirit of self-reliance on domestic capabilities.

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