ISIS Common Enemy of Afghanistan, Iran: Taliban

  January 08, 2024   News ID 7433
ISIS Common Enemy of Afghanistan, Iran: Taliban
SAEDNEWS: A political official of the Taliban denounced the Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorist group as the common enemy of Afghanistan and Iran.
SAEDNEWS: Branding the Daesh terrorists as the common enemy of Afghanistan and Iran, Abdul Kabir said the notorious group seeks to upset security in the region and murder innocent people.

He also appreciated Iran for its assistance to Afghanistan, which he said favors closer relations with all neighbors.

The clear policy of the Taliban is that no threat originating from Afghanistan should be posed to other countries, he stated, highlighting Kabul’s efforts to play a positive role in the establishment of regional security and stability.

For his part, the Iranian envoy, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, emphasized that Iran would not support the opponents of the Taliban government.

Iran is trying to incorporate Afghanistan into regional cooperation, he added.

The envoy also expressed confidence that the groups and parties seeking to incite discord and division between Iran and Afghanistan will get nowhere.

Apart from the political developments, the two officials discussed ways to promote economic cooperation between the two Muslim neighbors (SOURCE: TASNIM).

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