Islamic Republic of Iran: Asian Pole of Health Tourism

  October 28, 2020   Read time 1 min
Islamic Republic of Iran: Asian Pole of Health Tourism
Islamic Republic of Iran has drawn systematic plans to develop the international patients departments in different leading hospitals. Many hospitals in Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan have already established their international patients departments.

Iran’s good reputation in the medical world has prompted the Ministry of Health to identify and equip hospitals capable of catering to the needs of international health tourists. In addition to topnotch medical care, the affordability of health services in Iran is touted as a major selling point. To prevent fraudulent activities, Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization only allows travel agencies certified by the Health Tourism Leadership Council to provide health tourism services.

Hospitals will also be ranked based on the quality of services offered in different specialties and those meeting the standards will be added to a list compiled by the ministry. Licensed travel agencies will have access to the list, making it easier for health tourists to find hospitals offering top-quality care suited to their medical needs. According to Health Ministry’s officials, facilitating the issuance of “health visas” is a priority.

The hassle of acquiring a visa and undergoing the usual formalities is off-putting, so facilitating travel to Iran for those who seek medical care could boost the number of tourists. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also announced its willingness to ease visa regulations to boost health tourism. In 2004, roughly 12,000 people traveled to Iran to receive medical care and the number reached 17,000 in 2005. However, the number of visitors in the following years is unknown due to lack of reliable data (Source: Financial Tribune).

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