Islamic Republic of Iran Contemplates of Partial Lockdown

  October 01, 2020   News ID 16
Islamic Republic of Iran Contemplates of Partial Lockdown
Iran is witness to a wild rise of new cases of Corona infection almost in all parts of the country. Megacities like Tehran, Tabriz, Mashhad and Isfahan are in red condition and many hospitals are already out of capacity for providing health services for new cases. Health officials have announced that they would set new partial restrictions.

SAEDNEWS Oct 1: Iranian health officials have announced that due to the wild rise of corona new cases of infection, they are contemplating of possible partial lockdown. Iran is under heavy economic pressure due to the unjust and unfair sanctions of US government against Iranian people that have restricted the country's access to the medical emergency supplies. Many suppliers refuse to trade with Iranian government because Trump Administration has strongly warned them that if they trade with Iran, America will seize their assets in the United States. Many Iranian people live in tough economic conditions due to the instability in market and the unbelievable inflation. Currency fluctuations have exacerbated the situation.


Now this rise of the new cases and death toll can be a true challange. Lockdown even in its partial form can influence many sectors and cause serious problems which could have been avoided if there was access to global markets. The government is not able to provide sufficient economic aid to all social classes. The confirmed cases in Iran are 457,219 while the death toll is almost 26000. There are concerns of possible unmanageable surge of the virus that does match the healthcare system's capacity.

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