Islamic unity to create peace, security: Muslim scholars

  October 23, 2021   News ID 4615
Islamic unity to create peace, security: Muslim scholars
Islamic scholars have underlined the need for strengthening unity and convergence among Muslim nations as an appropriate factor to create security and peace throughout the world.

the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference is being held on October 19 to 24 with the motto of Islamic unity, peace,and avoiding division in the world

Several renowned Islamic scholars take part in the conference, expressing their views on unity.

Allama Seyyed Hashem Mousavi, Friday prayers Imam in Quetta, Pakistan, addressed the audience by saying that unity among Muslim nations is one of the main requirements of the current era and that unity was emphasized in the Holy Quran and hadith.

The conference marks the Islamic Unity Week which was raised first by the late Imam Khomeini. The week begins on the Prophet’s birthday as narrated in the Sunni tradition and ends on the same occasion as narrated in the Shia tradition.

Maulana Abdul Matin Akhundzadeh, the speaker of the Quetta assembly of knowledge and thought, warned that the Islamic societies are involved in religious and sectarian differences; therefore, they are separated and underdeveloped - while the Islamic nations should be able to guide other nations and undertake their responsibility.

Mohtaram Shakerian, a university professor, pointed out to the role of colonialism and arrogant powers in promoting Takfiri ideology and extremism throughout the Islamic World, noting that nowadays terrorist groups such as Daesh, al-Qaeda, and their others branches derive from Wahhabism.

Alama Sheikh Mostafa Hassan, a seminary scholar in Pakistan, said that there are numerous verses in the Holy Quran, which emphasize unity and convergence. One of the verses stresses that resistance is a divine tradition, which cannot be changed.

Abbas Hassanzadeh, an Afghan Islamic scholar, underlined that Muslim believers are sisters and brothers, adding that Muslims all over the world should pursue peaceful life based on unity and stand against plots of anti-Islam enemies.

Aref Enayati, a Sunni scholar from Iran's Kordistan Province, said that the Almighty God invited Muslims throughout the Holy Quran to maintain unity and convergence.

Hassan Moalemi, an Iranian university professor, emphasized that all devotees to Abrahamic religions, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews, should promote unity and religious spirituality.

Some 52 pundits from 16 countries and 180 cultural and political figures from Iran attend the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference.

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