Israeli forces kill three Palestinians in raid on Jenin camp in West Bank

  March 31, 2022   News ID 6419
Israeli forces kill three Palestinians in raid on Jenin camp in West Bank
At least three young Palestinian men have been shot dead during confrontations with Israeli military forces at the Jenin refugee camp in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Beirut, SAEDNEWS: Palestinian sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the latest attack took place on Thursday morning, when the troops raided the camp to arrest a number of the local residents.

The sources added that Israeli forces surrounded several houses, and called on those inside the buildings to surrender and leave their homes and into the street.

It was when clashes broke out between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli forces. Plumes of thick black smoke filled the sky above the camp as residents burned tires.

Palestinian medical sources said at least three Palestinians were killed during the imbroglio, while seven other suffered gunshot wounds. Their injuries were described as moderate to serious.

Medical staff at Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital in Jenin said they had received four injured Palestinians, three of whom were in critical condition.

The incident comes as three separate operations by Palestinians in the span of eight days have killed 11 Israeli settlers, in a surge not witnessed in years, and which may continue.

On Tuesday night, a Palestinian man, identified as Diaa Hamarsheh, killed five people, including a policeman, before being shot dead by police in the ultra-orthodox town of Bnei Brak, east of Tel Aviv.

On Sunday, two Palestinian gunmen killed two Israeli forces and wounded four others in a shooting operation in the northern Israeli city of Hadera before they were shot dead.

It followed an attack on March 22, when a Palestinian man was fatally shot over an alleged stabbing attack near a shopping center in Beersheba, in the south of the Israeli-occupied territories, which left four Israeli settlers dead.

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