Jiroft the City of Palm Trees and Fresh Citrus

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Jiroft the City of Palm Trees and Fresh Citrus
Jiroft is an exceptionally ancient city in Kerman province. The brick inscriptions found by archaeologists show the history of this region. This city was also prospered in Seljuk period. 

Jiroft had also other names in the past; for example, it was called as Jerdous, Kamaday, Daqyanous and Qomadin. The northern neighbor of Jiroft is currently Kerman city and it shares land borders with Anbarabad to the south, with Bam to the east and with Rabor and Baft to the west.
Halilrud river passes from the middle of Jiroft, however, there exist other seasonal rivers, as well. Jiroft is 720meters higher than the sea level. A diversity of climatic conditions is dominated in this region so that there are three continents there: the mountainous cold climate in Sarduiyeh District, the mountainous temperate climate in Dalfard and Jebal-e Barez, the warm and humid climate in Jiroft plain.
The word Jiroft means alluvial plain. At present, this city includes four counties namely Markazi, Jebal Barez, Sardouiyeh and Anbarabad and 21 rural districts. Sardouiyehi and Jebal Barezi are popular dialects in this city. The fields of this city is highly fertile and it is one of the top five provinces of Iran from which top ten agricultural products of the country like date, cucumber, watermelon, potato and citrus are supplied.
The beautiful nature of this region along with its historical and ancient monuments make the city extremely attractive for tourists; the historic buildings like Mir Heydar mausoleum in Esfandagheh has remained from Safavid period. People can visit so many historic objects through coming to the Archaeology Museum of Jiroft. There exist two hills namely Konar Sandal-e A and Konar Sandal-e B in the archaeological site of Konar Sandal which have a significant historical value.
Lake of Jiroft Dam, Delfard Waterfall, the remains of mosque of the old city of Jirot, Sarankuh Waterfall, Darbehesht or Darhezar countryside, Shoayb cave and Samouran castle near to the Rud Farq are among other interesting places of Jiroft city. Ramun village, Anjir-e Siah village, Daryacheh village, Sarmoshk village and Delfard village all have a beautiful nature which attract many tourists every year.


Interesting among the Jiroft souvenirs the date and kinds of citrus can be referred. Gol Sorkh carpet, kilim, mat weaving and mirror sewing products are the main handicrafts of this city. Local foods of Jiroft are really delicious like plum stew which is made of plum and stew vegetables. Zire Polo (rice and caraway) is served with meat or chicken. Kashk-e Kadu (zucchini) that is similar to Kashk-e Bademjan (eggplant) and the stew of plum-quince (Beh Alu) made of red meat are the other local foods of this city. Some people in Jiroft still wear local clothes and one of their traditional customs is Chochab or Raqs-e Choob (meaning dancing with wood) which is held in combination with the local music.

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