Kabab Kubideh the Rex of Persian Cuisine

  December 18, 2023   Read time 6 min
Kabab Kubideh the Rex of Persian Cuisine
Many tourists around the world recognize Iran for its delicious food. Iranian men and women's unique skills have made the food one of the most important tourist attractions in every region of this country. However, the Iranian kebab is something completely different.

The best Iranian kebabs are made in every corner of our country with a special variety. That is because each city is regarded as the origin of a particular type of Iranian kebab. Actually, all Iranian dishes are delicious. However, besides these unique dishes, Iranian kebab has a lot more to offer and is amongst the Best Iranian Food. The aroma and taste of these kebabs will make your soul fly. You cannot pass by a restaurant or a grill house without being tempted by the delicious smell of the Iranian kebab. Nowadays, the special Iranian kebabs are famous worldwide, and several of them are extremely appreciated by tourists. Throughout this article from Navaran, we will discuss Iranian kebab, this delicious food. First of all, we will delve into the history of kebabs in Iran, and then we will come to know the best Iranian kebabs.

What is kebab?

There are several ways to prepare meat. Steaming, boiling, frying, drying and finally, grilling. In the modern world, frying meat is regarded as one of the most popular and traditional ways of preparation. However, some experts think that grilling meat is healthier. The reason is that it spends less time on the fire, and its nutrients remain intact. Moreover, no fat or oil is added to the meat. Indeed, the meat that has already been seasoned and cooked on the fire is called kebab. Moreover, a common characteristic of most authentic Iranian kebabs is the use of onions and spices to season the meat.


History of Iranian Kebab

Food is actually one way to show a nation's culture. How we deal with our environment to live our lives shows the extent of our interaction with nature. That interaction with nature is accomplished by each nation according to its collective tastes. For instance, the level of interaction can be seen in daily tasks such as eating and preparing food in a particular nation. This is because the type of food and its preparation depend on each nation's culture.

Kebabs are considered among the most delicious foods in our country and are made differently in different places around Iran. Many people consider grilling meat as the best method of preparation. There are many stories in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, for example, about hunting animals and grilling their meat on fire. Nevertheless, the kebab received its modern meaning only through Naser al-Din Shah Qajar in Iran. He was introduced to this delicious dish during one of his trips abroad. Several stories say that the current form of kebab in our country (Kebab Koobideh) was actually inspired by the Caucasian dish "Kali Kebab" or "Looleh Kebab".

In the Qajar books and travelogues, the first kebab restaurant in Iran is called "Chelokababi Nayeb". He was the first person in the history of Iran to make kebabs in its present form. Well, now that we have reasonably comprehensive and good information about Iranian kebab, stay with us for a closer look at 7 of the most delicious Iranian kebabs.

Barg Kebab is considered to be one of the noblest Iranian kebabs, which you can easily prepare at home and can be found in all restaurants. As Barg Kebab is made of tender beef, it is considered as one of the main dishes among Iranian kebabs. The seasoning of the raw materials is the most important for a delicious kebab. That is why the meat needs to be well seasoned before cooking the Barg Kebab. Never use bread to remove the kebab from the skewer or it will dry out. Serve this kebab with rice.

Barg Kebab is so soft and crispy that you can easily cut it with a fork. It is very popular in Iran and is prepared with lamb or veal. For making this Iranian kebab, we soften the meat with the help of onion and season it with saffron. Adding onion to the meat is considered one of the most important steps in the preparation of this dish, since it makes it crispy and soft.

It is best to use mutton or veal to prepare Barg Kebab. Stay tuned for this Iranian kebab recipe. Thinly slice the meat and beat it with the back of a knife until it is smooth and even. Then, peel and wash the onions, chop them into small pieces and add them to the meat together with salt, pepper and saffron. To increase the flavor, place the seasoned meat in the refrigerator for a while.

Tabriz has always been famous as one of the cities with delicious food in Iran, and Tabriz kebabs also have their own place in Iran. This city has all kinds of Iranian kebab, the most famous being Bonab Kebab and Uzun Kebab. But also Tabriz Barg Kebab is very famous in Iran. You can have this kebab and other Iranian kebabs in the restaurants of Tabriz city.

Probably one of the most popular Iranian dishes is Koobideh Kebab. Prepared from ground beef or mutton, this type of kebab is regarded as one of the favorite dishes at weddings and festivals in Iran. For cooking this popular Iranian kebab, you place the skewers in a row on the grill and turn them on the fire so that both sides are well cooked. If you like Koobideh Kebab, you must know that we owe this dish to Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. He brought the recipe for a type of kebab to Iran through his Caucasian friends. And then, creative Iranian cooks changed it into the modern form of Koobideh Kebab.

Without a doubt, as said earlier, one of the most delicious and popular kebabs among us Iranians is Koobideh Kebab. For preparing Koobideh Kebab, you better use lamb meat. However, mutton is much more suitable for preparing Koobideh Kebab. Most people usually also get stomach aches when eating Koobideh Kebab prepared with only beef, so mutton is a better choice.

Now it is time for Koobideh recipe! Having prepared Koobideh ingredients, to make Koobideh Kebab, prepare a suitable bowl and put minced meat in it, add salt, pepper and saffron and knead it well with your hands until the meat becomes sticky. Next, cover the bowl with a piece of cellophane and put it in the refrigerator for two hours to give the meat a good time. Skewering the meat is the most crucial step, and we recommend that you watch some how-to videos on YouTube beforehand.

Koobideh Kebab is among the best Iranian kebab and you can try them on your trip to Golpayegan. Golpayegan kebab is one of the Koobideh Kebabs that have a different taste than other Koobideh Kebabs depending on the type of meat and how it is prepared. Given the reputation of Golpayegan yogurt and buttermilk, we recommend you to try Golpayegan Koobideh Kebab with buttermilk to feel the special taste.

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