Kerman Clock Museum

  September 30, 2020   Read time 1 min
Kerman Clock Museum
Museums are home to a wealth of cultural and civilizational heritage that represents the efforts of a nation towards development. In this sense, museum can serve as a good vehicle for knowing the identity of a group of people who present themselves as distinct human collectivity. Kerman has numerous museums including the Clock Museum.

Kerman Clock Museum is one of the fabulous places for sightseeing in this province and is located in Shohada Street (Zericf). Different old clocks as well as wooden clocks are presented in this museum. There are clocks in this museum that are made in Nasir Al Din Shah’s Era as well as the clocks given to a number of people at the opening ceremony of Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Indian handmade clocks brought into Bandar Abbas from Mumbai 150 years ago and then moved to Kerman constitute a major part the clocks presented in this museum. The oldest clock of Kerman Museum dates back to 300 years ago and it still works and this has added to the attractions of the museum. Moreover, a number of old coins and stamps and beautiful handmade clocks and watches are kept in this museum. This place is hosting numerous tourists every year who are interested in history.

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