Kerman Museum of Coins

  October 03, 2020   Read time 1 min
Kerman Museum of Coins
Coins are in one sense significant historical documents that provide vital information of the overall economic situation and political approach of the country. There are numerous collections of ancient coins in Iranian museums. Kerman Museum of Coins is one of these key museums.

This museum is located in Ganj Ali Khan Complex. It is a square like building with one dome and four shallow vaults with four chambers on the corners. This building was known as Zarrabkhaneh or Mint has been constructed by Sultan Muhammad Memar Yazdi. During the renovation of Zarrabkhaneh, the hammer and iron used for manufacturing coins as well as an amount of old coins. In 1991 the Min Facility turned to coin museum where different coins from different historical eras are provided. In one of the chambers of the museum, one can find the picture of the minter and his assistant while they are minting coins.

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